We are a fashion accessory brand, but unconventional in the world of fashion.
Fashion is typically an industry of monologues, where brands launch one-way messages to the public without any true interaction.
We believe that fashion should be a dialogue, a collaboration between the brand, which has the means to develop the product, and you— with your unique taste and voice—whoshould feel a special connection with you wear.
Colourfield lets you create this special connection, giving you the opportunity to wear our products with the colour combination that best matches your personality.
Our designs our modular, with interchangeable pieces that are joined together with rivets. This means we don’t have to maintain a stock of complete, finished pieces; and we can assemble each bag according to the taste of our clients.
We are a sustainable brand using artisanal production processes and raw materials that respect the environment. All our suppliers must comply with European environmental regulations. Our leather is 100 percent natural.
In contrast with what is common in an industry where creative processes are anonymous and occur en masse, at Colourfield you can learn who it was who manufactured your bag by simply scanning the label. 
Colourfield is a company that handles every aspect of the creative and manufacturing process required for product development. We do it all because we love fashion!
In contrast to many other fashion brands, we design, test, and manufacture every one of our bags, create all the audio-visual content, photos, video, and graphical content that’s needed to express ourself.
Thanks to our philosophy about how to work, we have managed to create a brand with a distinct identity and unique, high quality, easily recognised products.

Isabel / Head of Marketing
Angel / Factory Manager
Matt / Head of Multimedia
Cess / Studio Manager
Eduardo / Founder & Designer