Ubrique is a village in the south of Spain, famous for its leather goods industry.

The best international fashion brands have manufactured their bags here for decades. There is no better place to find the best artisans, where entire families have been working the trade for generations.

Here is where our factory is based, headed up by Ángel, our factory manager.

“My mother and father have devoted their lives to working with leather. My father is a cutter, and my mother a table worker”.

Ángel was born in Ubrique where he learned his trade in a leather bag factory. After some years of experience, he began to work at Colourfield, where he is now an invaluable part of the company

“Colourfield is challenging. Each bag is unique and has to be assembled exclusively for each customer with a specific colour combination,” he says.

“They can’t be manufactured en masse or automated, rather complete attention and care has to go into each one of our bags”.

“Colourfield’s manufacturing process, like the bags themselves, is unique and special. There are two distinct phases that require entirely different skillsets.

Perhaps the most laborious part of the process is the painting. All the edges of the bags and the different main pieces used to make the bags are hand painted, one by one, in our factory.

“If you want to have perfectly finished painting, you have to be very patient. Each painted edge has 5 layers and between painting each one, the bag has to dry for half an hour”

Laura is the person in charge of painting


The final phase of the process is the assembly. The previously prepared pieces have to be joined using rivets in the colour combination chosen by the customer. “We can’t make mistakes,” Ángel says, “That’s why order and stock control is essential.”

The entire assembly process is entrusted to a single person. It is undoubtedly the point in the process with the most responsibility. An error in the last phase can undo all the work done by the people who have cut, bound, sewn and painted each piece. “But, we’re not overly concerned; we’ve got the best team,” Ángel says with a smile.

“The packaging is my favourite part. It’s done by the same person responsible for assembling the bag, the person who puts his or her name on the tag. But what I love most is seeing where the bag is going: The UK, US, China, Japan, India … Our bags travel the globe.”

After receiving so much effort and attention, your bag is finally ready to be sent to its destination.

“When the delivery company takes the package, it’s like saying good-bye. We find it a bit sad, but we know that someone is going to love it, and the effort is worthwhile.”