Bespoke, stylish & honest fashion for modern day life.


Colourfield is a Fashion Studio that creates unique bespoke pieces designed by you.


Every Colourfield is handmade exclusively for every single one of our customers with the colour combination they choose. You can know who was the artisan who made your bag just by scanning the label.


It is time to follow your path. Be Unique. Design Your Own

Design Your Own


Colourfield is about being unique. Choose your style, mix the colours and we assembly your bag in our factory. Just for you.


Free Worldwide Delivery for all our Collections

Handmade for you

Free Worldwide Delivery

For him

Honest Fashion


We are a fashion studio who design, create and handmade every single of our unique pieces. Colourfield only works with partners who can provide high quality and enviroment friendly materials to make our products. When you order your bag, one of our artisans assemble the colour combination you choose with love and care. You can check who was the person in charge of your Colourfield just by scanning the Qr code that comes in the label.


This means honest fashion.